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Industrial visits offer a great source to gain practical knowledge. Students can observe and learn as to how theatrical concepts are put to into action, thereby aiding their practical learning. Students are exposed to real working environment and shown how things are done in an organisation.


It is never absolutely safe to work on live electrical equipment. There are few circumstances where it is necessary to work live, and this must only be done after it has been determined that it is unreasonable for the work to be done dead. ... See: Electricity at work: Safe working practices for more details.


Live online classes are synchronous events organized in a live virtual meeting room where students and teachers meet together to communicate with voice, video, whiteboard. Live online classes require students and instructors to be online at the same time. Meetings and lectures occur at the same hour.


We strive to achieve excellence in learning both within and beyond the classroom that is why we have very huge outdoor and indoor play area. We involve students in a number of outdoor games like football, basketball, hockey, volleyball cricket etc and indoor games include chess, table tennis, badminton, cube games, memory games, ludo etc. It is through sports that the students learn about the team spirit, contesting, accepting failure, handling success.Games and sports groom the entire personality of an individual that's why it is an eminent part of our curriculum.